We just met for our sixth annual youth summit. After four days of deliberation, AYUDH members came together and developed three new projects for the year based on SDG 6- Clean Water and Sanitation and SDG 13- Climate Action.

We are excited to announce the projects for this year which will be taken up by all of the chapters- AYUDH Reuse and Restore, AYUDH Revitalize, AYUDH Purify.

Please see details about our new initiatives below!

2019 initiatives.jpg



In 2018, we launched AYUDH Aware in order to promote sustainable usage and mindful reduction of plastics.

We held 10 teaching events with 212 participants and managed to pick up over 2,000 pieces of plastic.

AYUDH Restoring Nature

Our second 2018 initiative was AYUDH Restoring nature. Our goal was to plant 1008 trees over the course of the year.

80 participants managed to plant 1090 trees in 12 tree planting events.

AYUDH Replenish

We decided to address clean water and sanitation by making and distributing sanitation bags filled with hygiene products.

We raised $1500 and donated over 600 sanitation bags over the course of 2018.

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