A united nations sdg 12 initiative

Our goal this year is to promote awareness of sustainable consumption and production practices in relation to disposable plastics. 

how to begin

INITIATION phase (Nov 2018 - dec 2018)

The first step is to encourage self-reflection in ourselves and others through thoughtful discourse, asking our fellow youth to speak up about what the world’s choices today means for our future. 

Choose the question below that speaks to you most and leave your answer in the comments. #AYUDHdiscuss

Campaign components

implementation phase (Jan 2019 - Aug 2019)

  1. Quantify the collection of plastic bags and demonstrate how that amount can be re-used in other ways.

    • Chapters will be asked to place and monitor collection boxes in different locations.

    • A how-to-guide with box and distribution instructions will be provided.

    • Our goal is to collect 108lbs of plastic bags total across AYUDH Americas (~9lbs per chapter).

    • Chapters are encouraged to find ways to, or places that will, re-use the bags.

    • For bags that are not reused, information for drop-off locations will be provided.

  2. Perform a pilot workshop/presentation on plastic reduction and plastic impact for youth.

    • A blueprint of the workshop/presentation will be provided.

  3. Execute a social media challenge that asks individuals to consciously minimize or eliminate plastic from their daily routine for a selected period of time.

    • Stay tuned for more challenge details.

calculate your annual plastic consumption

There are many tools you can use to continuously become more aware of your plastic consumption. Using an online calculator is a great way to get an idea of how much plastic your consume. The results can be shocking. You can calculate either your individual plastic footprint or your family’s footprint as a whole.