Our Chapters

AYUDH has active chapters all over the world that are eager for new members to join and become a part of our movement. Below is a list of our chapters with the contact information of the chapter heads. Send an email to join a chapter near you!



Given below are the Chapter Leaders for each chapter and their respective email addresses. Send an email to your local Chapter Leader to find out the next event happening near you!



Pranav Vaid: pranavvaid@outlook.com

AYUDH atlanta

Suchita K: suekumar2013@yahoo.com

Radhika: radhikamath96@gmail.com

AYUDH chicago

Dhanya: dhanya.chandrasekharan791@gmail.com

AYUDH toronto

Aditya Rajkumar: ayudhtoronto@gmail.com

AYUDH ny/nj

Piyanka Sen: psen@drew.edu

AYUDH houston

Rahul Pillai: bhajansrockin@gmail.com

Vinisha V.: vinishavenu@gmail.com

AYUDH Missouri


AYUDH Los Angeles


AYUDH yale-conneticut

Durga Thakral: ayudhct@gmail.com

AYUDH new mexico

Rios F.: rios.fernandez@nexgenacademy.com

AYUDH bay area

Saloni Dhaktode: starsaloni108@gmail.com

AYUDH dallas

Kavya Kurup: kav.kurup@gmail.com

AYUDH boston

Ammu: athiraajith08@gmail.com

AYUDH michigan

Paru Krishna: pkris@umich.edu

AYUDH Brazil:


AYUDH Costa Rica


AYUDH Colorado




Want to start your own chapter? Email info@ayudh.org to find out more.