We are an international youth movement mobilizing young people to lead in perpetuating natural harmony, social justice, and community empowerment.

With over 20 chapters across the Americas, our AYUDH Americas youth create, design, and implement comprehensive initiatives towards building a sustainable future.  We do this by creating compassionate leaders with a sense of tolerance, solidarity and global responsibility.  AYUDH Americas is the youth movement of Embracing the World, an international non-governmental organization  with consultative status to the United Nations that was founded by renowned spiritual and humanitarian leader Mata Amritanandamayi (affectionately known as Amma). 

In order to continue implementing our projects, we are asking for your help.

Please contribute to our GoFundMe page and support AYUDH Americas youth from all around the globe as we come together and address the world's most pressing issues. Our initiatives focus on a range of social issues such as poverty, hunger, education, equality, and climate action. We appreciate your donation!

here’s what we’ve done this year

As you may know, we use the yearly AYUDH summit as a platform to establish our goals for the year. In order to guide our focus, we rely on the U.N. sustainable development goals (sdgS) as a ROAD-MAP.

Last year, we chose to concentrate on clean water and sanitation, responsible consumption and production, and climate action. Based on these goals, we developed the following initiatives: AYUDH Replenish, AYUDH Aware, and AYUDH Restoring Nature. For more information, please see the graphic below.

Our Focal Points 

AYUDH America strives to promote a community of young people, who aspire to cultivate in themselves spirituality according to the universal values of love, compassion, tolerance, unity in diversity, and respect, as taught by Amma. These young people thereby wish to commit themselves for the good of their fellow women and men and the environment. The active participation in the network is independent of gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or social status.

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