Our Previous Initiatives

Our projects are carefully chosen and planned around the United Nations Sustainable Development plan for 2030. These initiatives are then executed on a massive scale by our 15+ chapters throughout the United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil and Chile


AYUDH Nurturing Nature

As a commitment to the preservation of our environment, each AYUDH member has pledged to plant at least one tree this year, to provide care to existing trees, and to invite friends and family to participate in local tree plantings across the country , AYUDH members have also pledged to clean up 1000 pounds of trash 

As of June 2018, AYUDH has successfully planted 700 trees and cleaned up 3000 pounds of trash



Far too many people go hungry each day, so in 2015 AYUDH has pledged to make a difference. Each chapter will serve at least 1008 meals this year in an effort to fight hunger and nourish our community.

As of June 2018, AYUDH has successfully served 7924 meals

Bioinformatics Workshop,

Bioinformatics Workshop,


AYUDH believes our counties' education systems are missing some important features that shape the next generation. These features include critical thinking, personal self esteem, values, love, personal empowerment, exposure to new cultures and new ideas. AYUDH pledged that each chapter should hold one free quality education event, particularly teaching the younger. 

As of June 2018, AYUDH has successfully held 13 teach events

AYUDH Connect in Rio, Brazil

AYUDH Connect in Rio, Brazil

AYUDH Connect

AYUDH believes that each person deserves the opportunity to not only live comfortably, but also experience love and inspiration and have their story heard. This project focuses on Sustainable Development Goal 1 (no poverty) by calling each chapter to hand out "blessing bags" filled with essential items necessary for healthy & happy living: toiletries, necessary food, female hygiene products, stickers, personally written notes, stamps, envelopes, and pamphlets that will help groups such as veterans reintegrate into society. In addition to handing out these bags AYUDH pledges to make solid connection with these recipients, hearing their stories, and spreading them. 

As of June 2018, AYUDH has successfully given 3500 blessing bags and made 800 connections

Henna Fundraiser for AYUDH Change-- Atlanta, Georgia

Henna Fundraiser for AYUDH Change-- Atlanta, Georgia

AYUDH Change

This project promotes the importance of "mindful spending." By sacrificing one unnecessary expenditure each week and placing that money in an envelope, each AYUDH member will raise their own funds to provide scholarship to impoverished children in Haiti, India, and Keya

As of June 2018, AYUDH has successfully raised $6000 which has been used to educate children and in supportive aid during disasters such as Hurricane Harvey and the Northern California Fires

AYUDH Garden-- San Ramon, California

AYUDH Garden-- San Ramon, California


AYUDH believes that we can only help people stay healthy and strong by providing the tools they need to feed themselves. To do this sustainably, AYUDH must begin with itself. AYUDH therefore proposed each member plant 5 vegetables as a model of sustainable farming which is vital to ending hunger across communities

As of June 2018, AYUDH is growing and tending to 400 plants