In response to the violence, terrorism and rapid environmental destruction we see around us, AYUDH will be emphasizing the role of love in service, empowerment and global community. AYUDH is unique in its focus because we do not only work to support our communities through service or empowerment of young people, we do this with the mission of love, compassion and belief in the ultimate goodness of the world as espoused by Amma.  

At The Ripple Effect, we offer a platform for 200 youth from 10+ countries come together in a high-level discussion on the most pressing issues of today. These discussions result in practical action– initiatives that will be carried out by our 20+ chapters across South and North America. 

Here are some of the highlights from out retreat last summer! To see more images, please visit our facebook page.


(More to be announced soon!)

ralph chami.jpg

Ralph Chami

Ralph Chami is an Assistant Director at the IMF in the Institute for Capacity Development (ICD). He spent his career serving as the mission chief in many fragile states in the Middle East and Africa including Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, Yemen and Egypt; developing and delivering training to build capacity within and outside the IMF.

But his deep desire early in life was to become an oceanographer. Now Ralph’s passion and dream is to save whales, knowing their vital and integral place in the ecosystems of the ocean and to the very health of the planet. He has developed a framework – described in an upcoming June article – that quantifies the economic value of whales, with an emphasis on the role of whales in the carbon cycle and carbon sequestration, as well as tourism and sustainable fisheries, and how to bring that framework to the public policy space.


Jessica Jane Robinson

Jessica Robinson attended the University of San Francisco, where she received her BA degree in Performing Arts and Social Justice, minor in dance. Jessica participated as Miss Alameda for the 2010 and 2011 Miss California USA pageant. As Miss Alameda she founded the grassroots program, “Miss Alameda Says Compost!” helping the City of Alameda address its Climate Protection Plan adopted in 2008, and helping the City of Alameda reach its diversion goals by 2020. Ms. Robinson has been an Al Gore Climate Leader, since August 2012 and is now ranked in the top 1% out of 10,812 Climate Leaders around the world and she has presented more than 100 times to over 18,500 people. She has served on the Board of Directors for the Northern California Recycling Association since 2013 and served as treasurer from 2013-2016, and is now currently Vice President. 


Siddhartha Rabindran

Siddhartha Rabindran lives near Seattle and currently working at Microsoft as America's Lead Technical Architect (SAP on Azure). He completed MBA and MS from Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, Bloomington, while working full time at Microsoft. Having lived and worked in 3 countries in Asia before moving to the USA in 2011, he brings an unique perspective on cultural intelligence which he believes is an critical aspect to inclusive growth. He enjoys sharing and learning about various aspects of career management, navigating the corporate culture in Kali yuga, practicing empathy at work. He his keen on achieving internal harmony and making meaningful contribution to society.

Jeremy 2.PNG

Jeremy Belzer

Jeremy Belzer is a Music Composition Major who has been on a record label, had multiple songs on the radio, and his biggest song has over 7 million plays on Spotify and is currently Vodaphone Portugal's theme song for more than 52 TV commercials and has played on Dancing With The Stars there. He's also composed music for short films and one feature length film. He plays and teaches guitar, piano, Bass-guitar, Drum-Set, Song-Writing, and Music Production.


Chris caren

Mr. Chris Caren has been the Chief Executive Officer of Turnitin, LLC (alternate name: iParadigms) since September 2009. Mr. Caren served as President of Turnitin, LLC since 2009 and served as its Chairman. Mr. Caren joined iParadigms in 2009. Mr. Caren previously worked for Microsoft Corporation as General Manager of Microsoft Business Solutions and Office Business Applications. His previous experience includes Vice President of Products and Marketing at Business Objects (now part of SAP), Product Marketing at Manugistics Group Inc., Head of Sales and Marketing at an Oracle financial applications company, and a leadership position at Accenture. Although his career has focused on software businesses, he comes from a family of scientists and educators. He serves as a Director of Turnitin, LLC. He holds an MBA with distinction from Kellogg Business School and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Stanford University.



Born and raised in the USA, Br. Shantamrita Chaitanya met Amma in 1990. He became a Brahmachari (monk) in her Indian Monastery in 1993 and has been engaged in Amma’s social, educational and spiritual activities around the world ever since. He was based in Tokyo for ten years as Director of M.A. Center Japan, primarily active in East Asia, the Pacific Rim and Africa until 2012. Since then, he has been based in MA Center Chicago, conducting regular spiritual and social service programs there, and inspiring spiritual seekers throughout the central US with his heartfelt talks.


BR. Dayamrita Chaitanya

Br. Dayamrita, a senior monastic disciple of Amma met Her first more than 30 years ago. He is the Executive Director of M A Centers. Br. Dayamrita has been going to different cities in the U.S, Canada and South America for the past 22 years giving spiritual talks, counseling the satsang members and answering their questions. He holds an undergraduate degree in Physics and a masters degree in Film Technology. He tours tirelessly in order to inspire the different Amma satsangs to better serve their communities and keep alive the flame of selfless-service that Amma has lighted in their hearts


BR. RAMANAND, director 

Br. Ramanand, a long time monastic disciple of Amma met Her at the age of 3 and has had the good fortune of growing up at Amma's ashram from a very young age. Br. Ramanand directs the Amma's organizations and its activities in the eastern US and Canada. He travels around the US and Canada conducting satsangs in various cities, delivering talks at Universities, to share Amma's message of selfless service and love. He has written and composed many devotional songs and his melodious voice can often be heard alongside Amma’s during many bhajans. One can feel the divine grace flow through his soulful singing. Br. Ramanand is a PhD graduate in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, College Park and his talks, usually conveyed humorously, are very inspiring and uplifting.          



This year, workshops will revolve around self development. As a community we will focus on strategies to promote inner strength, self-love, self-care, and awareness.



As usual, we will provide transportation to and from the airport to M.A. Center Chicago. This year we are only offering rides to and from O’hare International Airport. If you book a flight to/from Midway, please arrange your own transportation.

In order to receive transportation to and from the airport, you must fill out the transportation form by July 24th (see link below).


  • July 30th: There will be shuttles from ORD to MACC between 10AM and 5PM.

  • July 31th: There will be shuttles from ORD to MACC between 8 AM and 4PM


  • August 4th: There will be shuttles from MACC to ORD for flights departing between 12PM and 8PM

  • August 5th: There will be shuttles from MACC to ORD for flights departing between 10AM and 1PM

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us:

Interested in volunteering? 

We have a limited number of volunteering spots for those interested in coming during the five days and helping out. We need lots of help in transportation, accommodation, food, and summit prep. If you are interested in coming as a volunteer out of the AYUDH age range, please email and fill out the form below. 

At AYUDH, we believe that personal transformation lies at the heart of lasting change. Therefore, in addition to cultural, social, political and ecological perspectives, we also consider a spiritual dimension when addressing the main themes of the summit. The teachings of spiritual leader and humanitarian Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi) form an important part of this reflection.