AYUDH Yale Receives Recognition

Last week, Yale University recognized AYUDH Yale-Connecticut's community outreach efforts by awarding the president Dr. Durga Thakral with the Graduate School Community Service Award that honors a graduate student's volunteer work in the local community.

Yale Service Award 2.jpeg

Under Durga Thakral's leadership, AYUDH has been able to implement every single one of AYUDH Americas' yearly youth-planned initiatives. The events often brought together hundreds of Yale students and community members with the intention of doing selfless service for their community. Projects included garden planting workshops, soup kitchens, distributing blessing bags, computer science workshops, and more.

Yale Service Award 1.jpeg

Dr. Durga Thakral, president of Yale University Chapter of AYUDH is an example of how one dedicated young person was able to make meaningful change in her community. She has been recognized by Yale University for her outstanding efforts. The Graduate School Community Service Award honors a graduate student's volunteer work in the local community.

"Durga has spearheaded several dozen wellness workshops and community events that creatively incorporate principles of sustainability and humanitarian efforts, collectively bringing together hundreds of Yalies and community members in actionable service initiatives to share her love of service and nature. Durga has also represented AYUDH at the United Nations Economic and Social Council Youth Forum and continues to share ideas for initiatives with other young motivated agents for change and university chapters at the International Youth Parliament of the AYUDH Americas Annual Youth Summit."

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