AYUDH Members Discover Inner Peace


In light of the theme for this year’s AYUDH summit: World Peace Through Inner Peace, we decided to teach the Integrated Amrita Meditation (IAM) technique to youth across the country. We held our first meditation last night in Bellevue, WA.

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There will be an IAM event held specifically for youth (ages 14-30) held on the first day of each one of Amma’s North American tour stops (see schedule below). There will be a short introduction to AYUDH followed by a meditation and question and answer with one of Amma’s senior disciples.

Integrated Amrita Meditation is a technique that was discovered and eventually shared by Amma. Multiple studies suggest that meditation leads to decreased production of stress hormones, increased ability to handle stressful events, and even increased immune response. In a 5 year study, Vandana Balakrishnan found that IAM practitioners were able to respond more positively to stress. Find out more here.

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San Ramon, CA: Thursday 6/12 11AM - 12PM

Los Angeles, CA: Monday 6/17 11PM - 12AM

Santa Fe, NM: Thurday 6/20 9:30PM - 10:30PM

Dallas, TX: 6/25 11PM - 12AM

Atlanta, GA: 6/28 11PM - 12AM

Washington DC: 7/1 11PM - 12AM

New York, NY: 7/5 11PM - 12AM

Boston, MA: 7/8 11PM - 12AM

Chicago, IL: 7/12 TBD

Toronto, ON: TBD